SERIES                                   PANTHERS                          BEANTOWN


SERIES LEADER                  PAN 17-7


SERIES STREAK                  PAN W4


LAST WEEK                         W 8BA 51-40                         L AXE 67-107


LAST GAME                         PAN 93-47(17w5)


PASSING                               D WATSON (129)                 T BRADY (102)                    


RUSHING                              E ELLIOTT (81)                    C MCCAFFREY (133)


RECEIVING                          M THOMAS (86)                  DJ CHARK (80)


OFFENSE                              484(4)                                      467(8) 


DEFENSE                              136(13)                                    133(14)


POWER RANKING             4                                              10                                                                   



BEANTOWN:  “Tis but a scratch”

PANTHERS:  “A scratch? Your arm’s off!”

PANTHERS by 2 (site by2)

TOP GUNS (1-5) at ASSASSINS (1-5)


SERIES                                   TOP GUNS                            ASSASSINS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  ASS 2-1                                              


SERIES STREAK                                                                  ASS W2


LAST WEEK                         L SUD 24-60                          L WEY 17-68


LAST GAME                                                                         ASS 57-48(17w5)


PASSING                               J WINSTON (90)                   M MARIOTA (66)


RUSHING                              L FOURNETTE (70)             J HOWARD (56)


RECEIVING                          T LOCKETT (66)                  D HOPKINS (59)


OFFENSE                              422(12)                                    391(14)


DEFENSE                              152(10)                                    141(12)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            ur



“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

TOP GUNS by 5 (site by11)

WEYRMEN (3-3) at BRAWLERS (1-5)


SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           BRAWLERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  BRA 11-4


SERIES STREAK                                                                  BRA W5


LAST WEEK                         W ASS 68-17                          L LOD 28-70


LAST GAME                                                                         BRA 41-1(17w8)


PASSING                               A RODGERS (78)                 P RIVERS (81)


RUSHING                              N CHUBB (95)                      M INGRAM (83)


RECEIVING                          C RIDLEY (59)                      J JONES (72)


OFFENSE                              433(11)                                    421(13)


DEFENSE                              168(5)                                      166(6)


POWER RANKING             6                                              ur



WEYRMEN: You‘ll never survive.

BRAWLERS: Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.

WEYRMEN by 2 (siteby18)



SERIES                                   HUNTERS                             JUGGERNAUTS


SERIES LEADER                                          EVEN 3-3


SERIES STREAK                  HUN W1


LAST WEEK                         L GAN 28-36                        L CRU 38-40


LAST GAME                         HUN 52-41(17w7)


PASSING                               D PRESCOTT (110)              J FLACCO (62)


RUSHING                              J JACOBS (60)                        A JONES (93)


RECEIVING                          A COOPER (81)                    C SUTTON (64)


OFFENSE                              473(6)                                      449(9)


DEFENSE                              163(7)                                      149(11)


POWER RANKING             7                                              ur




“I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take a butcher’s word for it.”




SERIES                                   CRUSHERS                           GANGSTERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  GAN 4-0


SERIES STREAK                                                                  GAN W4


LAST WEEK                         W JUG 40-38                          W HUN 36-28


LAST GAME                                                                         GAN 60-47(18w7)


PASSING                               K MURRAY (101)                 M GARDNER (80)


RUSHING                              K JOHNSON (50)                 D JOHNSON (86)


RECEIVING                          W DISSLEY (53)                    TY HILTON (51)


OFFENSE                              377(16)                                    470(7)


DEFENSE                              125(15)                                    125(16)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            9




I realized then that good guys never win. I want to be bad. I want to be the killer!

GANGSTERS by15 (site by7)

LEGION of DOOM (5-1) at MONSTERS (6-0)


SERIES                                   LOD                                       MONSTERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  MON 13-10                                       


SERIES STREAK                                                                  MON W2


LAST WEEK                         W BRA 70-28                        W SNI 56-17


LAST GAME                                                                         MON 75-26(18w7)


PASSING                               L JACKSON (120)                 P MAHOMES (115)


RUSHING                              A EKELER (97)                     D COOK (100)


RECEIVING                          C GODWIN (101)                 T MCLAURIN (68)


OFFENSE                              498(2)                                      557(1)


DEFENSE                              176(3)                                      160(8)


POWER RANKING             2                                              1




“Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia’ – but only slightly less well-known is this: ‘Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!’ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MONSTERS by 9 (site by 20)

SNICKERS (2-4) at SUDS (5-1)


SERIES                                   SNICKERS                             SUDS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  SUD 14-12                                         


SERIES STREAK                                                                  SUD W2


LAST WEEK                         L MON 17-56                        W GUN 60-24


LAST GAME                                                                         SUD 44-4(16w8)


PASSING                               R WILSON (126)                   M STAFFORD (75)


RUSHING                              D JOHNSON (34)                 J CONNER (74)


RECEIVING                          J LANDRY (42)                     A THIELEN (73)


OFFENSE                              384(15)                                    446(10)


DEFENSE                              180(2)                                      186(1)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            5




“It’s for sure a white man’s world in America. Look here: I raised that boy since he was the size of a piss-ant. And I’ll say right now, he never learned to read and write. No, sir. Had no brains at all. Was stuffed with rice pudding between th’ ears. Shortchanged by the Lord, and dumb as a jackass. Look at him now! Yes, sir, all you’ve gotta be is white in America, to get whatever you want. Gobbledy-gook!

SUDS by10 (site SNICKERS by 38)

AXEMEN (2-4) at 8BALLS (3-3)


SERIES                                   AXEMEN                              8BALLS


SERIES LEADER                  AXE 5-1


SERIES STREAK                  AXE W2


LAST WEEK                         W BEA 107-67                       L PAN 40-51


LAST GAME                         AXE 66-37(18w7)


PASSING                               M RYAN (115)                      C WENTZ (93)


RUSHING                              P LINDSAY (69)                   A KAMARA (72)


RECEIVING                          S DIGGS (64)                        C KUPP (81)


OFFENSE                              489(3)                                      474(5)


DEFENSE                              156(9)                                      171(4)


POWER RANKING             3                                              8




“The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed.

AXEMEN by15 (siteby 2)