PANTHERS (1-4) at 8-BALLS (4-1)


SERIES                                   PANTHERS                          8-BALLS


SERIES LEADER                  PAN 5-4


SERIES STREAK                                                                  8BA W4


LAST WEEK                         L LOD 46-60                          W BEA 36-25


LAST GAME                                                                         8BA 72-31 (14w4)


PASSING                               J MCCOWN(67)                    S BRADFORD (62)


RUSHING                              I CROWELL(35)                   D FREEMAN (91)


RECEIVING                          J EDELMAN(46)                   K ALLEN (50)


OFFENSE                              281 (10)                                   427 (1)


DEFENSE                              75 (15)                                     121 (6)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            1                                                                     




Ouch, the PANTHERS hung in with the LOD last week, can they make it closer this week. The 8BALLS are the #1 offense and #1 overall PR. The PANTHERS will need everyone clicking in this one.


8BALLS by 29 (site by34)



SERIES                                   ASSASSINS                            CRUSHERS


SERIES LEADER                  ASS 5-4                                              


SERIES STREAK                  ASS W2


LAST WEEK                         W SUD 51-27                         W GUN 43-38


LAST GAME                         ASS 33-26 (14w4)


PASSING                               C NEWTON (70)                  K COUSINS (57)


RUSHING                              L MURRAY(41)                    D MARTIN (57)


RECEIVING                          D HOPKINS(58)                   R MATTHEWS (36)


OFFENSE                              341 (5)                                     314 (7)


DEFENSE                              88 (13)                                     125 (5)


POWER RANKING             7                                              5




ASSASSINS are starting to make their run. They get Cam back this week to go with Hopkins so they could put up some big numbers. The CRUSHERS are looking to keep pace with the MONSTERS. The M&M boys need to ramp up the scoring in this one.

ASSASSINS by 5 (site by4)



SERIES                                   JUGGERNAUTUS                MONSTERS


SERIES LEADER                  JUG 22-15


SERIES STREAK                  JUG W5


LAST WEEK                         W GAN 38-36                        W HUN 44-34


LAST GAME                         JUG 45-19 (14w6)


PASSING                               D BREES (58)                                    E MANNING(77)


RUSHING                              M FORTE (52)                       M JONES (35)


RECEIVING                          B MARSHALL (46)              R COBB(45)


OFFENSE                              351 (3)                                     303(9)


DEFENSE                              131(1)                                      109(9)


POWER RANKING             4                                              6




The MONSTERS 3 wins may be a surprise to some, but a win versus the JUGGERNAUTS (who have won the last 5 meetings) would be a statement. The JUGGS just have too much for them though. Brees/Forte/Marshall are oldies but still goodies.

JUGGERNAUTS by 9 (siteby14)

WEYRMEN (2-3) at SNICKERS (2-2-1)


SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           SNICKERS


SERIES LEADER                  WEY 22-6-2


SERIES STREAK                  WEY W1


LAST WEEK                         L BRA 29-44                          T AXE 33-33


LAST GAME                         WEY 39-14 (14w9)


PASSING                               A RODGERS (88)                 C PALMER (80)


RUSHING                              F GORE (42)                          D LEWIS (46)


RECEIVING                          V JACKSON (34)                  J LANDRY (29)


OFFENSE                              325 (6)                                     237 (15)


DEFENSE                              130 (2)                                     113 (8)


POWER RANKING             9                                              10




The WEYRMEN have dominated this series, but the SNICKERS have Parker and Abdulluh both playing this week to go along with Landry. The WEYRMEN are hoping Gore and Lacy can keep it going.

WEYRMEN by 17 (site by 5)

LEGION of DOOM (4-1) at FCBEANTOWN (2-2-1)


SERIES                                   LOD                                       BEANTOWN


SERIES LEADER                  LOD 21-5-1


SERIES STREAK                                                                  BEA W2


LAST WEEK                         W PAN 60-46                        L 8BA 25-36


LAST GAME                                                                         BEA 75-60 (14w10)


PASSING                               T TAYLOR(83)                     T BRADY(85)


RUSHING                              A PETERSON(49)                D WOODHEAD(40)


RECEIVING                          AJ GREEN(51)                      E SANDERS(40)


OFFENSE                              344 (4)                                     270 (13)


DEFENSE                              97 (11)                                     127 (4)


POWER RANKING             2                                              ur




LOD and that potent offense face an inflated BEANTOWN with the addition of Brady. Brady was written off early last season but has proven to have a lot left. All Day is back this week and he could be enough for the win.

LEGION of DOOM  by 14 (siteby 17)

SUDS (1-3-1) at TOP GUNS (2-3)


SERIES                                   SUDS                                      TOP GUNS


SERIES LEADER                  SUD 24-16                             


SERIES STREAK                  SUD W1


LAST WEEK                         L ASS 27-51                           L CRU 38-43


LAST GAME                         SUD 47-38 (14w10)


PASSING                               C KAEPERNICK(61)           J WINSTON(63)


RUSHING                              C IVORY(39)                         J HILL(44)


RECEIVING                          T BENJAMIN(57)                 T AUSTIN(46)


OFFENSE                              275 (11)                                   271 (5)


DEFENSE                              130 (3)                                     44 (16)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            ur




Champion SUDS have fallen off the cliff. They even unloaded Brady and need Foster to step it up. The GUNS are hurting this week as Dallas is on bye and they have no D to begin with. Hopefully the pick a QB this week or this should be a laugher.

EVEN (site SUDS by 53)

AXEMEN (3-1-1) at BRAWLERS (4-1)


SERIES                                   AXEMEN                              BRAWLERS


SERIES LEADER                  AXE 17-4-1


SERIES STREAK                  AXE W2


LAST WEEK                         T SNI 33-33                            W WEY 44-29


LAST GAME                         AXE 43-38 (14w10)


PASSING                               A DALTON (96)                   P RIVERS (78)


RUSHING                              D JOHNSON (51)                 J RANDLE (49)


RECEIVING                          T GINN (31)                          L FITZGERALD (68)


OFFENSE                              306(8)                                      427 (2)


DEFENSE                              95 (12)                                     119 (7)


POWER RANKING             8                                              3




BRAWLERS have dropped to 2nd in offense. They still have too much offense for most teams, but the AXEMEN do have Dalton, the leading scoring so far.

BRAWLERS by24 (site by21)



SERIES                                   HUNTERS                             GANGSTERS


SERIES LEADER                  HUN 5-4


SERIES STREAK                                                                  GAN W2


LAST WEEK                         L MON 34-44                        L JUG 36-38


LAST GAME                                                                         GAN 34-22 (14w10)


PASSING                               A SMITH (62)                        B BORTLES (76)


RUSHING                              D MURRAY(34)                    K WILLIAMS (42)


RECEIVING                          J JONES (56)                          TY HILTON (25)


OFFENSE                              243 (14)                                   228 (16)


DEFENSE                              82 (14)                                     105 (10)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            ur




Will the GANGSTERS get their 1st win this week. The HUNTERS look to deny them. Demarco and James Jones are keys to the HUNTERS this week.