8-BALLS (3-1) at FC BEANTOWN (2-1-1)


SERIES                                   8BALLS                                  BEANTOWN


SERIES LEADER                  8BA 3-1-1


SERIES STREAK                  8BAL W1


LAST WEEK                         W JUG 72-33                          T SUD 18-18


LAST GAME                         8BA 48-28 (12w8)


PASSING                               S BRADFORD (46)               T BRADY (64)


RUSHING                              D FREEMAN (72)                 D WOODHEAD (35)


RECEIVING                          K ALLEN (43)                       J MACLIN (32)


OFFENSE                              354 (2)                                     219 (12)          


DEFENSE                              95 (5)                                       90 (6)


POWER RANKING             1                                              9                                                                     




Last met up in ’08, doubt any of those players are left in this one (since Big Ben is hurt). 8Balls are a scoring machine right now and have Leveon back and running. Brady makes his BEANTOWN debut (where he always should have been). Let’s see if a properly inflated ball keeps the 8Balls in the win column.


8BALLS by 33 (site by 35)

BRAWLERS (3-1) at WEYRMEN (2-2)


SERIES                                   BRAWLERS                          WEYRMEN


SERIES LEADER                  BRA 9-4                                             


SERIES STREAK                  BRA W3


LAST WEEK                         L LOD 38-42                          W ASS 60-38


LAST GAME                         57-31 (14w5)


PASSING                               P RIVERS (61)                       A RODGERS (74)


RUSHING                              J RANDLE(44)                      G BERNARD (30)


RECEIVING                          L FITZGERALD(58)             V JACKSON (31)


OFFENSE                              366 (1)                                     265 (7)


DEFENSE                              86 (9)                                       114 (1)


POWER RANKING             4                                              3




It does not look good for the WEYRMEN this week. In their first meeting since ’05 the WEYRMEN catch the BRAWLERS scoring about 100 a week. Ouch. The BRAWLERS have to like that Randle pick up right now.

BRAWLERS by 25 (site by28)



SERIES                                   GUNS                                     CRUSHERS


SERIES LEADER                                          TIED 7-7


SERIES STREAK                  GUN W1


LAST WEEK                         W GAN 50-26                        W PAN 52-20


LAST GAME                         GUN 61-51 (12w8)


PASSING                               J WINSTON (52)                   R TANNEHILL(54)


RUSHING                              J HILL (43)                             D WILLIAMS (33)


RECEIVING                          T AUSTIN (38)                      R MATTHEWS(36)


OFFENSE                              220 (11)                                   266 (3)


DEFENSE                              39 (16)                                     113 (2)


POWER RANKING             10                                            5




TOP GUNS are an up and down team right now. Except for defense that’s just downright pathetic. CRUSHERS looking alright right now and look for some back to step it up (do you hear me muscle hamster – or is it Teddy Bear Hamster now).

CRUSHERS by 11 (siteby3)



SERIES                                   MONSTERS                          HUNTERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  HUN 4-3


SERIES STREAK                  MON W1


LAST WEEK                         L SNI 18-41                            W AXE 37-33


LAST GAME                         MON 39-35 (14w5)


PASSING                               E MANNING (54)                A SMITH (52)


RUSHING                              M JONES (26)                        R HILLMAN (25)


RECEIVING                          R COBB (44)                          J JONES (45)


OFFENSE                              238 (9)                                     191 (14)


DEFENSE                              90 (7)                                       62 (15)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            ur




MONSTERS were back if only for a moment. HUNTERS looking to make it 2 in a row with a win here. Matt Jones has scored 26 fantasy points in 4 games, 30 of those points came against the weyrmen, but at least Gurley should play this week. It may come down to Cobb vs Jones in which case the weyrmen’s Arron Rodgers decides this matchup.

MONSTERS by 11 (siteHUNTERS by 14)



SERIES                                   JUGGERNAUTS                   GANGSTERS


SERIES LEADER                  N/A                                       N/A


SERIES STREAK                  N/A                                       N/A


LAST WEEK                         L 8BAL 33-72                                    L GUN 26-50


LAST GAME                         N/A                                       N/A


PASSING                               R FITZGERALD(49)                        B BORTLES(53)


RUSHING                              M FORTE(39)                        K WILLIAMS(42)


RECEIVING                          B MARSHALL(46)               TY HILTON(19)


OFFENSE                              294 (3)                                     169 (16)


DEFENSE                              109 (4)                                     86 (10)


POWER RANKING             6                                              ur




This is the first game between these two franchises. A tale of opposites here. GANSTERS are really struggling (or is it scuffling – I asked this in the college league also – does someone know) to field a full team right now. The JUGGS are only struggling to win by 30.

JUGGERNAUTS  by 31 (siteby 24)

SUDS (1-2-1) at ASSASSINS (1-3)


SERIES                                   SUDS                                      ASSASSINS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  ASS 1-0                                  


SERIES STREAK                                                                  ASS W1


LAST WEEK                         T BEA 18-18                          L WEY 38-60


LAST GAME                                                                         ASS 79-34 (10w5)


PASSING                               M MARIOTA(51)                 C NEWTON(70)


RUSHING                              C IVORY(39)                         L MURRAY(37)


RECEIVING                          T BENJAMIN(51)                 D HOPKINS(47)


OFFENSE                              223 (10)                                   270 (5)


DEFENSE                              109 (3)                                     64 (13)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            ur




Someone has got to win this one. The CHAMPION SUDS are not scoring yet. Evans and ODB have more punches thrown than scores, and I haven’t seen Evans throw a punch. The ASSASSINS players are putting up yards but need to find the end zone. As for D at least the SUDS have one.

ASSASSINS by 11 (site SUDS by1)

AXEMEN (3-1) at SNICKERS (2-2)


SERIES                                   AXEMEN                              SNICKERS


SERIES LEADER                  AXE 13-11


SERIES STREAK                                                                  SNI W1


LAST WEEK                         L HUN 33-37                         W MON 41-18


LAST GAME                                                                         SNI 54-32 (12w8)


PASSING                               A DALTON (73)                   C PALMER (66)


RUSHING                              D JOHNSON (38)                 D LEWIS (33)


RECEIVING                          T GINN (31)                          J LANDRY (29)


OFFENSE                              250 (8)                                     188 (15)


DEFENSE                              79 (11)                                     90 (8)


POWER RANKING             7                                              8




Two evenly matched teams. That won’t be for long if the SNICKERS 1st rounders start playing though. The AXEMEN have Dalton who is on fire right now but need some more offensive help. Likewise the SNICKERS have Palmer lighting it up (still using Wilson though) but help is on the way as Abdullah and Parker get more reps.

AXEMEN by15 (site SNICKERS by1)

PANTHERS (1-3) at LEGION of DOOM (3-1)


SERIES                                   PANTHERS                          LOD


SERIES LEADER                  PAN 17-11


SERIES STREAK                  PAN W4


LAST WEEK                         L CRU 20-52                          W BRA 42-38


LAST GAME                         PAN 50-33 (06w8)


PASSING                               T BRIDGEWATER (39)       T TAYLOR (66)


RUSHING                              I CROWELL(23)                   A PETERSON (49)


RECEIVING                          J EDLEMAN (32)                  AJ GREEN (45)


OFFENSE                              212 (13)                                   272 (4)


DEFENSE                              63 (14)                                     75 (12)


POWER RANKING             ur                                            2




DOOMIE is a machine. These guys can put up the numbers. At least for the PANTHERS AP is not AD this week. But DOOMIE still has AJ to go against his former team. The PANTHERS need a big game from Edleman and whoever the 2nd QB is to stay in this one. The PANTHERS have won the last 4 meetings, the last one in ’08.


LEGION of DOOM by 15 (siteby50)