8 BALLS (6-2) at JUGGERNAUTS (5-3)


SERIES                                   8-BALLS                                JUGGERNAUTS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  JUG 8-1                                              


SERIES STREAK                                                                  JUG W4


LAST WEEK                         beat SUD 70-54                     lost BRA 43-83


LAST GAME                                                                         JUG 60-19 (13w10)


PASSING                               STAFFORD   114                  BREES                        110                 


RUSHING                              L BELL           84                    FORTE                       108


RECEIVING                          K BENJAMIN  68                 G OLSEN                   64


OFFENSE                              568 (3)                                     529 (5)


DEFENSE                              175 (9)                                     202 (3)


POWER RANKING             1                                              7                                                                     




Good matchup. Can the 8BALLS get a strangle hold on the division with a win? The JUGGS just keep on rolling, but now they are trying to catch the Assassins.


This Halloween, the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. And the best part? With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him.

Conan O’Brien

8-BALLS by 4 (siteJUGGERNAUTS by 39)

MONSTERS (2-5-1) at ASSASSINS (7-1)


SERIES                                   MONSTERS                          ASSASSINS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  ASS 6-4                                              


SERIES STREAK                                                                  ASS W4                     


LAST WEEK                         lost GAN 46-76                     lost BEA 37-73


LAST GAME                                                                         ASS 48-12 (13w10)


PASSING                               E MANNING  96                  NEWTON     95


RUSHING                              TALIAFERRO  43                F JACKSON  47


RECEIVING                          R COBB         95                    D THOMAS  89       


OFFENSE                              477 (11)                                   496 (9)


DEFENSE                              154 (14)                                   193 (5)


POWER RANKING             15                                            6




The ASSASSINS look to get back into the win column. Has anybody heard from the MONSTERS? It’s Halloween, they should be out. Must be a lot of lawyering going on cause Sean has disappeared. Maybe Shazier can make their D respectable again.


“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

Friedrich Nietzsche



ASSASSINS by 2 (site ASSASSINS by32)

WEYRMEN (4-3-1) at SNICKERS (3-5)


SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           SNICKERS    


SERIES LEADER                  WEY 21-6-2


SERIES STREAK                                          LAST GAME TIED


LAST WEEK                         tie AXE 44-44                                    beat GUN 33-15


LAST GAME                                                 TIE 14-14 (13w4)


PASSING                               RODGERS     137                  R WILSON                122


RUSHING                              BERNARD    71                    J THOMPSON          25


RECEIVING                          K WRIGHT   50                    G TATE                      71


OFFENSE                              492 (10)                                   459 (13)


DEFENSE                              203 (1)                                     144 (15)


POWER RANKING             8                                              9




SNICKERS may get a RB this week. He’ll probably get hurt in pre-game warmups though. The WEYRMEN need the win to keep within distance of the 8BALLS.


On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me.

Rodney Dangerfield


WEYRMEN by 4 (siteby31)

BOUNTY HUNTERS (3-5) at SUDS (4-4)


SERIES                                   HUNTERS                             SUDS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  SUD 6-3                                             


SERIES STREAK                                                                  SUD W5


LAST WEEK                         beat PAN 28-10                     lost 8BA 54-70


LAST GAME                                                                         SUD 43-41 (13w7)


PASSING                               A SMITH       86                    BRADY                      121


RUSHING                              D MURRAY  128                  A FOSTER                 116


RECEIVING                          T WILLIAMS  63                  QUICK                       43


OFFENSE                              513 (6)                                     466 (12)


DEFENSE                              167 (12)                                   199 (4)


POWER RANKING             10                                            12




No Romo, means Murray needs to carry the load. Oh wait he has been. Well HUNTERS ride him out. As for the SUDS, Brady has been on fire this month can he and Foster win another.


Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn’t even the star of his own Halloween special.

Chris Rock


BOUNTY HUNTERS by 5 (siteby 1)



SERIES                                   PANTHERS                          BONECRUSHERS


SERIES LEADER                  PAN 14-13-1


SERIES STREAK                                                                  CRU W1


LAST WEEK                         lost HUN 10-29                     lost LOD 6-36


LAST GAME                                                                         CRU 28-13 (13w4)


PASSING                               COUSINS       78                    TANNEHILL            93


RUSHING                              J BELL            48                    RAINEY                     43


RECEIVING                          S SMITH        69                    ROYAL                      55


OFFENSE                              405 (14)                                   393 (16)


DEFENSE                              166 (13)                                   186 (7)


POWER RANKING             16                                            14




Panthers are getting RGIII back. Will he be enough to down the CRUSHERS? Tannehill to Clay has lead to a few wins for the BONECRUSHERS. Can this be another? Jose are you there? This game is a tossup.


“You didn’t tell me you were gonna kill it!”






SERIES                                   BEANTOWN                        GANGSTERS


SERIES LEADER                  BEA 7-1                                             


SERIES STREAK                  BEA W7                    


LAST WEEK                         beat ASS 73-37                      beat MON 76-46


LAST GAME                         BEA 43-21 (13w6)


PASSING                               P MANNING  134                LUCK             166


RUSHING                              IVORY           68                    ASIATA         52


RECEIVING                          MACLIN        78                    GATES           81


OFFENSE                              623 (1)                                     559 (4)


DEFENSE                              167 (1)                                     190 (6)


POWER RANKING             2                                              3




Game of the week? BEANS can score and score some more. But the GANGSTERS do have LUCK to TY. No running game with these two teams, it’s all air mail.


“Dear Great Pumpkin. I’m looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents.”



BEANTOWN by 8 (site by 17)

BRAWLERS (4-4) at LEGION of DOOM (5-3)


SERIES                                   BRAWLERS                          LOD


SERIES LEADER                                                                  LOD 27-5                                          


SERIES STREAK                                                                  LOD W7


LAST WEEK                         beat JUG 83-43                      beat CRU 36-6


LAST GAME                                                                         LOD 38-26 (13w10)


PASSING                               RIVERS          132                  CUTLER                    128


RUSHING                              A BRADSHAW  90               FORSETT                  67


RECEIVING                          A BROWN    103                  D BRYANT               71


OFFENSE                              621 (2)                                     498 (8)


DEFENSE                              174 (10)                                   202 (2)


POWER RANKING             4                                              5




This game is huge for these two. BRAWLERS have a top offense, but have been hurt with little D scoring. The DOOM has been solid on D but needs someone to get healthy for the offense. Is AJ back this week? Will the DOOM have a RB to play?


“Oh, I do it to blend in. You know. Zombies don’t mess with other zombies. Buddy of mine, makeup guy, he showed me how to do this. Corn starch. You know, some berries, a little licorice for the ladies. Suits my lifestyle, you know. I like to get out and do stuff. Just played nine holes on the Riviera. Just walked on. Nobody there.”


Bill Murray

BRAWLERS by15 (site by31)

TOP GUNS (3-5) at AXEMEN (3-4-1)


SERIES                                   TOP GUNS                            AXEMEN


SERIES LEADER                                                                  AXE 24-15


SERIES STREAK                                                                  AXE W3


LAST WEEK                         lost SNI 15-33                        tie WEY 44-44


LAST GAME                                                                         AXE 46-39 (13w10)


PASSING                               ROMO           107                  RYAN                        117


RUSHING                              LYNCH          78                    ELLINGTON  67


RECEIVING                          A JOHNSON  42                   J NELSON     85


OFFENSE                              404 (15)                                   498 (7)


DEFENSE                              135 (16)                                   179 (8)


POWER RANKING             13                                            11




Kenny your TOP GUNS took a hit with Romo’s back. But at least you have Weeden if need be. The AXEMEN still won’t have Jordy this week, and Dalton has been horrible. So can Ellington go it alone.


“It’s all just nonsense. You know, you’re like a penguin on the North Pole who hears the South Pole is really nice this time of the year.”




AXEMEN by 11 (siteTOP GUNS by 21)