8-BALLS (6-7) at MONSTERS (6-7)


SERIES                                   8BALLS                                  MONSTERS


PLAYOFF RECORD            n/a                                         16-10 (5 Championships)


SERIES LEADER                                                                  MON 12-2


SERIES STREAK                                                                  MON W5


LAST WEEK                         beat WEY 40-26                    beat JOC 52-45


LAST GAME                                                                         MON 33-29 (12w11)


PASSING                               STAFFORD   186                  CUTLER        119


RUSHING                              RICE               133                  GREEN-ELLIS 95


RECEIVING                          M.WILLIAMS 85                  COBB             102


OFFENSE                              782 (12)                                   731 (14)


DEFENSE                              312 (4)                                     295 (11)


ESPNIS RANKING              6*                                             9*


HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE                                            MON +2




MONSTERS own the 8-Balls and look to move on in this WildCard round matchup; but the 8Balls look to use their 1st playoff appearance to destroy the Monsters domination over them. On paper the 8Balls do have the advantage in all but receiver, but don’t look for the Monsters to hand them anything.

8BALLS by 3 (site by 6)

GANGSTERS (8-5) at LEGION of DOOM (9-4)


SERIES                                   GANGSTERS                        DOOM


PLAYOFF RECORD            n/a                                         12-13 (2 Championships)


SERIES LEADER                                                                  LOD 13-1


SERIES STREAK                  GAN W1


LAST WEEK                         beat SPU 32-20                      beat AXE 52-17


LAST GAME                         GAN 54-23 (12w12)


PASSING                               LUCK             198                  FREEMAN    167


RUSHING                              D.WILLIAMS  45                  PETERSON   159


RECEIVING                          COLSTON     103                  BRYANT       115


OFFENSE                              683 (15)                                   918 (2)


DEFENSE                              383 (1)                                     307 (6)


ESPNIS RANKING              5*                                             3*


HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE                                            LOD +1




Gangsters have a tough matchup in their 1st ever playoff appearance. They say Defense travels and the Gangsters sure have a great D. On the other hand the DOOM have all world RB in AP and look to ride that running game to the Conference championship. Doom have won all but one of their 14 meetings (the 1 was the last meeting), it may be a bit much for the Gangsters to overcome.

LEGION of DOOM by 18 (site by 7)