SERIES                                   PANTHERS (4)                     JUGGERNAUTS (7)


SERIES LEADER                                                                  JUG 38-8-1                                        


SERIES STREAK                                                                  JUG W5


LAST WEEK                         lost ASS 48-51                       beat SNI 55-41


LAST GAME                                                                         JUG 53-32 (2011w13)


PASSING                               R.GRIFFIN    45                    D.BREES        35


RUSHING                              S.JACKSON   9                      F.GORE         26


RECEIVING                          S.CHANDLER  18                D.BOWE        22


OFFENSE                              158 (2ND)                                             124 (10TH)      


DEFENSE                              46 (11TH)                                             41 (14TH)




The site and I are at odds here. RGIII the Baylor alum is just too much for Brees the Whinner to overcome. Forte is out and Gore gets the VIKING front 7. S-Jax is probably out too but RGIII will overcome for the Panthers. Sorry Champs, Ernie’s got this one.

PANTHERS by 17 (site Juggernauts by 17)



SERIES                                   SNICKERS (13)                     ASSASSINS (9)


SERIES LEADER                  SNI 7-4-1                                           


SERIES STREAK                                                                  ASS W1


LAST WEEK                         lost JUG 41-55                       beat PAN 51-48


LAST GAME                                                                         ASS 49-35 (2011w13)


PASSING                               C.PALMER   28                    P.RIVERS      28


RUSHING                              W.MCGAHEE  26                S.RIDLEY      22


RECEIVING                          D.THOMAS  24                    H.NICKS        21


OFFENSE                              123 (11TH)                                           125 (9TH)


DEFENSE                              46 (10TH)                                             50 (5TH)




Snickers keep improving but have to deal with McFadden getting poked in the eye and Mendenhal still not ready. Bradshaw is out and so is the top threat of Nicks; but the Assassins find a way. This may end in a tie but I think the Assassins will use that HomeFieldAdvantage big time.

ASSASSINS by 1 (site by 15)

DUD of the WEAK

WEYRMEN (0-2) at 8-BALLS (0-2)


SERIES                                   WEYRMEN (15)                   8-BALLS (12)


SERIES LEADER                  WEY 9-3                                            


SERIES STREAK                                                                  8BA W2


LAST WEEK                         lost MON 14-22                    lost JOC 22-65


LAST GAME                                                                         8BAL 34-33 (2011w12)


PASSING                               J.FLACCO     25                    M.STAFFORD  22


RUSHING                              I.REDMAN    10                    R.RICE           28


RECEIVING                          J.GRAHAM   22                    M.FLOYD      17


OFFENSE                              104 (15TH)                                           113 (12TH)


DEFENSE                              48 (7TH)                                               49 (6TH)




Does anyone really care about this one. The MAGIC 8-BALL says stay away. One paper the 8-Balls are much better. But since I run the Weyrmen I believe we have a chance. Hopefully the Weyrmen pick the right runningback this week because Ray Rice could win this all by himself.

8-BALLS by 4 (site WEYRMEN by 11)

GAME of the WEEK



SERIES                                   MONSTERS (1)                     JOCKEYS (2)


SERIES LEADER                  MON 16-12                                       


SERIES STREAK                  MON W3


LAST WEEK                         beat WEY 22-14                    beat 8BA 65-22


LAST GAME                         MON 55-24 (2011w12)


PASSING                               J.CUTLER      19                    M.VICK         36


RUSHING                              B.GREENELLIS  19              CJ.SPILLER   42


RECEIVING                          R.WAYNE     19                    D.AMENDOLA 21


OFFENSE                              141 (3)                                     163 (1)


DEFENSE                              56 (3)                                       48 (8)




So it’s Matt ‘n Mike here. These two have waged some of the epic battles in MNM history. This time it’s for 1st in the division early in the season. Between Cutler and Vick you should see 6 turnovers. This game will probably come down to which QB turns the ball over one less time.

MONSTERS by 11 (site by 1)



SERIES                                   BRAWLERS (10)                   BEANTOWN (5)


SERIES LEADER                  BRA 21-20-1                                     


SERIES STREAK                                                                  BEA W5


LAST WEEK                         lost HUN 25-37                     lost GUN 36-69


LAST GAME                                                                         BEA 48-37 (2011w11)          


PASSING                               C.NEWTON  33                    P.MANNING  23


RUSHING                              M.INGRAM  10                    D.SPROLES   18


RECEIVING                          R.GRONKOWSKI 21           T.GONZALEZ  20


OFFENSE                              109 (14TH)                                           135 (4TH)


DEFENSE                              59 (2ND)                                               42 (13TH)




Is Peyton back? He’ll need to be. The site has the Newton led Brawlers winning in a walk over, I think it’ll go the other way as Peyton kicks it up a notch. Gronk vs Gonzo may decide this one.


BEANTOWN  by 12 (site BRAWLERS by 47)



SERIES                                   HUNTERS (6)                       TOP GUNS (14)


SERIES LEADER                  HUN 7-5                                           


SERIES STREAK                  HUN W1


LAST WEEK                         beat BRA 37-25                     beat BEA 69-36


LAST GAME                         HUN 52-42 (2011w11)


PASSING                               R.FITZPATRICK  27            T.ROMO        29


RUSHING                              D.MURRAY  14                    R.BUSH          32


RECEIVING                          M.AUSTIN    21                    K.OGLETREE 21


OFFENSE                              129 (8TH)                                             129 (7TH)


DEFENSE                              50 (4TH)                                               26 (16TH)




Not sure who the Cowboys play this week, but that game will decide this one. The Hunters still have some of Ray’s cowboys ties and the Guns (when they pay attention) have the rest of the ‘boys. I say it’s a draw between Romo-Ogletree and Murray-Miles.

EVEN (site Hunters by 14)

AXEMEN (1-1) at LEGION of DOOM (1-1)


SERIES                                   AXEMEN (8)                         LOD (11)


SERIES LEADER                  AXE 18-17-1                                     


SERIES STREAK                  AXE W1


LAST WEEK                         lost SPU 32-45                       beat GAN 35-29


LAST GAME                         AXE  45-31 (2011w12)


PASSING                               M.RYAN        41                    E.MANNING  32


RUSHING                              K.SMITH       22                    A.PETERSON  23


RECEIVING                          R.WHITE       18                    M.WALLACE  19


OFFENSE                              133 (5)                                     110 (13)


DEFENSE                              36 (15)                                     47 (9)




 Close series when Axmen looking to go up 2 on the Doom. AP is back but facing SF this week. While Kevin Smith may lose some carries also. LOD defense is better, but Matty Ice to Roddy White will propel the Axemen to the W.

AXEMEN  by 11  (site DOOM by 17)

SPUDS (2-0) at GANGSTERS (02)


SERIES                                   SPUDS (3)                              GANGSTERS (16)


SERIES LEADER                  SPU 8-2-2                                          


SERIES STREAK                                                                  GAN W1


LAST WEEK                         beat AXE 45-32                     lost LOD 29-35


LAST GAME                                                                         GAN 39-24 (2011w12)


PASSING                               A.SMITH       27                    B.ROETHLISBERGER 28


RUSHING                              A.FOSTER     33                    B.TATE          20


RECEIVING                          V.DAVIS        25                    B.LAFELL     18


OFFENSE                              132 (6TH)                                             90 (16TH)


DEFENSE                              45 (12TH)                                             60 (1ST)




Oops. This game could be a disaster. Somehow the site think the Gangsters will dominate, while I look to the Spuds to run away with it. If Tate and the Arizona boys come up big that would give the Gangsters the win, but I think Brady and Foster will find a way here.

SPUDS by 21 (site Gangsters by 27)