final week of regular season

SNICKERS (7-4-1) at ASSASSINS (8-3-1)


SERIES                                   SNICKERS                             ASSASSINS


SERIES LEADER                  SNI 7-3-1


SERIES STREAK                              LAST GAME WAS A TIE


LAST WEEK                         beat PAN 47-20                     lost JUG 48-71


LAST GAME                                                 TIE 39-39 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               M.SCHAUB               133      P.RIVERS      147


RUSHING                              C.BENSON                83        M.BUSH         105


RECEIVING                          J.NELSON                 106      C.JOHNSON 140


OFFENSE                              728 (9TH)                                 817 (4TH)


DEFENSE                              361 (1ST)                                  293 (4TH)




Winner gets the WildCard, in fact ASSASSINS (#3PR) gets in with a TIE. SNICKERS (#5PR) trying to keep it together with injuries mounting. Assassins have the QB advantage, RB goes to the Snickers, WR to the Assassins and DEF the Snickers reign supreme. THIS is the GAME of the WEEK.

ASSASSINS by 4 (site by 6)

WEYRMEN (4-8) at MONSTERS (7-5)


SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           MONSTERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  MON 27-18


SERIES STREAK                  WEY W2


LAST WEEK                         lost 8BA 33-4                         beat JOC 55-24


LAST GAME                         WEY 56-22 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               J.FLACCO                130      M.HASSLEBECK 121


RUSHING                              M.MORRIS                33        M.JONES-DREW 113


RECEIVING                          J.GRAHAM               112      A.BOLDIN 68


OFFENSE                              666 (12TH)                               615 (14TH)


DEFENSE                              255 (10TH)                               275 (7TH)




MONSTERS (#7PR) have won the division and are in the playoffs. The Weyrmen (#14PR) are just looking to beat the Monsters again just ‘cause it’s fun.

WEYRMEN by 2 (site Monsters by 21)

CAMEL JOCKEYS (3-9) at 8-BALLS (5-7)


SERIES                                   CAMEL JOCKEYS               8-BALLS


SERIES LEADER                  JOC 9-2


SERIES STREAK                                                                  8BA W1


LAST WEEK                         lost MON 24-55                    beat WEY 34-33


LAST GAME                                                                         8BA 25-20 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               M.VICK                     130      M.STAFFORD 173


RUSHING                              J.KUHN                     41        R.RICE           147


RECEIVING                          P.GARCON               69        M.WILLIAMS 56


OFFENSE                              574 (16TH)                               698 (11TH)


DEFENSE                              246 (12TH)                               271 (8TH)




This game means nothing for the playoffs, but the Jockeys could wrap up the #1 spot in the draft with a loss. Another Alabama player at #1?

8BALLS BY 4 (site by 33)

PANTHERS (3-8-1) at JUGGERNAUTS (10-2)


SERIES                                   PANTHERS                          JUGGERNAUTS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  JUG 37-8-1


SERIES STREAK                                                                  JUG W4


LAST WEEK                         lost SNI 20-47                        beat ASSA 71-48


LAST GAME                                                                         JUG 46-16 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               R.GROSSMAN         87        D.BRESS        204


RUSHING                              S.JACKSON               94        L.MCCOY     163


RECEIVING                          S.SMITH(CAR)         105      V.CRUZ         106


OFFENSE                              605 (15TH)                               975 (1ST)


DEFENSE                              223 (14TH)                               250 (11TH)




JUGGERANUTS (#1PR) are in with the bye and the PANTHERS (#15PR) have nothing to play for; but they do enjoy knocking the Juggs down a peg. In this ‘friendly’ the Juggs will not let up.

JUGGERNAUTS by 17 (site by 25)

GANGSTERS (5-7) at LEGION of DOOM (6-6)


SERIES                                   GANGSTERS                        LEGION of DOOM


SERIES LEADER                                                                  LOD 11-0


SERIES STREAK                                                                  LOD W11


LAST WEEK                         beat SPU 39-24                      lost AXE 31-45


LAST GAME                                                                         LOD 56-21 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               B.ROETHLISBEGER 147    J.FREEMAN  132


RUSHING                              B.WELLS                   106      A.PETERSON 139


RECEIVING                          N.WASHINGTON   72        G.JENNINGS 103


OFFENSE                              704 (10TH)                               817 (5TH)


DEFENSE                              265 (9TH)                                 291 (5TH)




LOD (#6PR) are in with a WIN, if the GANGSTERS (#9PR) WIN they need the Axemen and Beantown to both lose so they can make it in. LOD hasn’t won in a month of Sundays and even with the advantage in all but QB this is no gimmie.

DOOM by 9 (site by 7)

SPUDS (11-1) at AXEMEN (5-6-1)


SERIES                                   SPUDS                                    AXEMEN


SERIES LEADER                  SPU 26-16-1


SERIES STREAK                  SPU W2


LAST WEEK                         lost GAN 24-39                     beat LOD 45-31


LAST GAME                         SPU 63-42 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               T.BRADY                   198      M.RYAN        156


RUSHING                              A.FOSTER                 139      D.BROWN    45


RECEIVING                          J.FINLEY                   64        E.DECKER    89


OFFENSE                              835 (2ND)                                 658 (13TH)


DEFENSE                              308 (2ND)                                 294 (3RD)




SPUDS (#2PR) have the bye and can knock the AXEMEN (#11PR) out of any chance with a win this week. Axemen must have the LOD lose and they must win to get a spot.

SPUDS by 15 (site by 6)



SERIES                                   BRAWLERS                          HUNTERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  HUN 6-5


SERIES STREAK                  BRA W1


LAST WEEK                         lost GUN 49-65                     beat BEA 35-31


LAST GAME                         BRA 60-53 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               C.NEWTON              217      A.RODGERS 233


RUSHING                              R.MATTHEWS         91        M.TURNER   120


RECEIVING                          R.GRONKOWSKI    123      S.JOHNSON  71


OFFENSE                              732 (7TH)                                 831 (3RD)


DEFENSE                              197 (15TH)                               276 (6TH)




BRAWLERS (#13PR) are knocked out but have a strong foundation to build on. The HUNTERS (#4PR) are still winning and looking towards the playoffs next week.

HUNTERS by 10 (site by 7)

TOP GUNS (4-8) at FC BEANTOWN (5-7)


SERIES                                   TOP GUNS                            BEANTOWN


SERIES LEADER                  GUN 15-8-1


SERIES STREAK                  GUN W3


LAST WEEK                         beat BRA 65-49                     lost HUN 31-35


LAST GAME                         GUN 59-40 (2011 w3)


PASSING                               T.ROMO                    157      E.MANNING 167


RUSHING                              M.LYNCH                 100      D.SPROLES   94


RECEIVING                          W.WELKER              126      V.JACKSON  97


OFFENSE                              746 (6TH)                                 730 (8TH)


DEFENSE                              177 (16TH)                               244 (13TH)




GUNS (#12PR) were out of it since the draft. BEANTOWN (#8PR) holds on to a sliver of a chance with a WIN and if the LOD and AXEMEN both lose.

TOP GUNS by 1 (site by 5)