MONSTERS (5-5) at 8-BALLS (4-6)


SERIES                                   MONSTERS                          8-BALLS


SERIES LEADER                  MON 9-2


SERIES STREAK                  MON W2


LAST WEEK                         lost ASSA 7-51                      beat PAN 22-10


LAST GAME                         MON 38-35 (2011 w1)


PASSING                               M.HASSLEBECK     111      M.STAFFORD 136


RUSHING                              B.GREEN-ELLIS       64        R.RICE           119


RECEIVING                          A.BOLDIN                55        D.BALDWIN 44


OFFENSE                              470 (16TH)                               575 (11TH)


DEFENSE                              231 (7TH)                                 234 (6TH)




MONSTERS (#11PR) pushing to stay on top in the weakest division in MNM this season. 8BALLS (#8PR) need Flacco to use Rice this week and not Boldin (Ravens need the same thing). 8Balls have the advantage on QB and RB but they are pretty even on WR and DEF. This game should be pretty even as the site suggests.

8-BALLS BY 7 (site EVEN)



SERIES                                   JOCKEYS                               WEYRMEN


SERIES LEADER                                                                  WEY 12-9-1


SERIES STREAK                  JOC W2


LAST WEEK                         lost SNI 31-58                        beat JUG 42-39


LAST GAME                         JOC 47-9 (2011 w1)


PASSING                               M.VICK                    130      J.FLACCO     108


RUSHING                              M.JONES-DREW      88        M.MORRIS    23


RECEIVING                          P.GARCON               66        J.GRAHAM   94


OFFENSE                              496 (15TH)                               567 (12TH)


DEFENSE                              214 (10TH)                               213 (12TH)




JOCKEYS (#15PR) have won the last few meetings between these two. The WEYRMEN (#13PR) have NO rbs and except for the HUGE victory over the #1PR Juggs last week have shown next to nothing all year. With Vick probably out the WEYRMEN have the advantage in QB, WR, TE the JOCKEYS have a big advantage in RB and the DEF are pretty even. Site and Commish have vastly different views on this game.

WEYRMEN by 3 (site Jockeys by 21)





SERIES                                   JUGGERNAUTS                   SNICKERS


SERIES LEADER                  JUG 15-4


SERIES STREAK                  JUG W2


LAST WEEK                         lost WEY 39-42                     beat JOC 58-31


LAST GAME                         JUG 63-32 (2011 w1)


PASSING                               D.BREES                    173      M.SCHAUB   133


RUSHING                              L.MCCOY                 145      D.MCFADDEN 81


RECEIVING                          D.BOWE                    69        J.NELSON     84


OFFENSE                              830 (1ST)                                  587 (9TH)


DEFENSE                              214 (11TH)                               305 (1ST)




JUGGERNAUTS (#2PR) will take out their frustrations on last weeks loss to the Weyrmen on the SNICKERS (#6PR) this week. Brees is off but Schaub is OUT. Juggs have the advantage in RB, WR, TE but the QB is probably even this week and the Snickers have a huge advantage in DEF. Sorry Snicks not enough.

JUGGERNAUTS by 19 (site by 23)

ASSASSINS (7-2-1) at PANTHERS (3-6-1)


SERIES                                   ASSASSINS                            PANTHERS


SERIES LEADER                  ASSA 6-5


SERIES STREAK                                                                  PAN W1


LAST WEEK                         beat MON 51-7                     lost 8BA 10-22


LAST GAME                                                                         PAN 58-31(2011 w1)


PASSING                               P.RIVERS                  124      M.MOORE    54


RUSHING                              A.BRADSHAW         81        S.JACKSON   85


RECEIVING                          C.JOHNSON             125      S.SMITH(CAR) 88


OFFENSE                              688 (5TH)                                 504 (14TH)


DEFENSE                              246 (3RD)                                 191(14TH)




ASSASSINS (#3PR) look to avenge their week 1 loss to the Panthers. Since then The Assassins have been very good while the Panthers have fallen without a QB. The PANTHERS (#16PR) do have S-JAX and Steve Smith playing well. Living in Carolina Smith is probably the fav of the Panther brass. Assassins have the edge in QB, WR, TE, DEF and the Panthers have the edge in RB.

ASSASSINS by 14 (site by 10)

LEGION of DOOM (6-4) at SPUDS (10-0)


SERIES                                   DOOM                                   SPUDS


SERIES LEADER                  LOD 22-12


SERIES STREAK                                                                  SPU W3


LAST WEEK                         lost HUN 36-47                     beat GUN 79-40


LAST GAME                                                                         SPU 48-26 (2011 w1)


PASSING                               J.FREEMAN              107      T.BRADY       161


RUSHING                              A.PETERSON           131      A.FOSTER     127


RECEIVING                          M.WALLACE           100      J.FINLEY       59


OFFENSE                              704 (4TH)                                 728 (2ND)


DEFENSE                              242 (4TH)                                 265 (2ND)




SPUDS (#1PR) keep winning. They won big in week 1 and the rematch doesn’t affect the Spuds playoff slot at all. The DOOM (#4PR) are a great team with the CJ20 starting to play. The SPUDS have a HUGE advantage at QB, TE while the DOOM have an advantage at WR. RB and DEF are an even match.

SPUDS by 2 (site LOD by 4)

AXEMEN (4-5-1) at GANGSTERS (3-7)


SERIES                                   AXEMEN                              GANGSTERS


SERIES LEADER                  AXE 6-5


SERIES STREAK                                                                  GAN W2


LAST WEEK                         beat BEA 36-21                     lost BRA 33-37


LAST GAME                                                                         GAN 40-9 (201 w1)


PASSING                               M.RYAN                    124      B.ROETHLISBERGER 138


RUSHING                              W.MAGAHEE          73        C.WELLS       83


RECEIVING                          E.DECKER                79        M.COLSTON 57


OFFENSE                              546 (13TH)                               588 (8TH)


DEFENSE                              242 (5TH)                                 219 (9TH)




GANGSTERS (#12PR) have won the last two meeting but the AXEMEN (#9PR) are big favorites on the site. Gangsters have the edge at all positions so we’ll see how this plays out.

GANGSTERS by 3 (site Axemen by 17)



SERIES                                   HUNTERS                             TOP GUNS


SERIES LEADER                  HUN 6-5


SERIES STREAK                                                                  GUN W1


LAST WEEK                         beat LOD 47-36                     lost SPU 40-79


LAST GAME                                                                         GUN 68-61 (2011 w1)


PASSING                               A.RODGERS             197      T.ROMO        126


RUSHING                              M.TURNER               102      M.LYNCH     73


RECEIVING                          S.JOHNSON              59        W.WELKER  105


OFFENSE                              717 (3RD)                                 587 (10TH)


DEFENSE                              224 (8TH)                                 150 (16TH)




HUNTERS (#5PR) making the playoff run. They look to repay the GUNS (#14PR) for the week one loss. Hunters have the advantage at QB, RB, TE, DEF and the WR are even. Look for a Hunter blowout.

HUNTERS by 16 (site by 14)



SERIES                                   BEANTOWN                        BRAWLERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  BRA 21-19-1


SERIES STREAK                  BEA W4


LAST WEEK                         lost AXE 21-36                      beat GAN 37-33


LAST GAME                         BEA 36-33 (2011 w1)


PASSING                               E.MANNING            138      C.NEWTON  177


RUSHING                              D.SPROLES               89        R.MATTHEWS 78


RECEIVING                          V.JACKSON              78        R.GRONKOWSKI 95


OFFENSE                              611 (6TH)                                 594 (7TH)


DEFENSE                              201 (13TH)                               158 (15TH)




Both teams fighting for a playoff spot and catching the Hunters. The BRAWLERS (#10PR) have not found a way to beat BEANTOWN (#7PR) in awhile. But the have the advantage at QB, TE while the other positions are even.

BRAWLERS by 2 (site by 14)