SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           JUGGERNAUTS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  JUG 19-12


SERIES STREAK                                                                  JUG W1


LAST WEEK                         lost PAN 30-55                      beat MON 43-26


LAST GAME                                                                         JUG 40-0 (2010 w9)


PASSING                               J.FLACCO                 97        D.BREES        156


RUSHING                              K.MORENO             21        L.MCCOY     133


RECEIVING                          J.GRAHAM               82        D.BOWE        68


OFFENSE                              503 (12TH)                               770 (1ST)


DEFENSE                              193 (10TH)                               192 (11TH)




Two teams evenly matched here…okay I got nothin’. The #1 ranked JUGGERNAUTS are at full strength facing a pathetic WEYRMEN squad. Hey the Weyrmen have Jimmy Graham and Fitz to build on. This one will be over by kickoff an hour from now (it’s 7:30 thurs)

JUGGERNAUTS BY 27 (site by 41)



SERIES                                   JOCKEYS                               SNICKERS


SERIES LEADER                  JOC 26-3


SERIES STREAK                  JOC W10


LAST WEEK                         lost ASSA 6-51                      beat 8BA 43-32


LAST GAME                         JOC 63-47 (2010 w10)


PASSING                               M.VICK                    122      M.SCHAUB   119


RUSHING                              M.JONES-DREW      73        D.MCFADDEN 81


RECEIVING                          P.GARCON               63        J.NELSON     68


OFFENSE                              436 (16TH)                               503 (11TH)


DEFENSE                              188 (12TH)                               277 (1ST)




Snickers made the deal to upgrade the QB, then the RBs decided to 1. fake injuries waiting on a new deal and 2. Really reinjure the feet. Ouch. Jockeys don’t have much beyond Vick so this game will be closer than it should.

SNICKERS by 5 (site by 13)



MONSTERS (5-4) at ASSASSINS (6-2-1)


SERIES                                   MONSTERS                          ASSASSINS


SERIES LEADER                  MON 4-2


SERIES STREAK                                                                  ASSA W1


LAST WEEK                         lost JUG 26-43                       beat JOC 51-6


LAST GAME                                                                         ASSA 67-24 (2010 w4)


PASSING                               M.HASSLEBECK     100      P.RIVERS      110


RUSHING                              B.GREEN-ELLIS       63        A.BRADSHAW 81


RECEIVING                          A.BOLDIN                54        C.JOHNSON 119


OFFENSE                              443 (15TH)                               620 (5TH)


DEFENSE                              213 (6TH)                                 225 (3RD)




The Assassins haven’t lost in a while. The team is clicking right now and Rivers hasn’t gone off yet. He will. Bradshaw may be out but the Assassins are good enough without him. The Monsters do still lead the division and probably will even after this week

ASSASSINS by 16 (site by 9)

8-BALLS (3-6) at PANTHERS (3-5-1)


SERIES                                   8-BALLS                                PANTHERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  PAN 5-0


SERIES STREAK                                                                  PAN W5


LAST WEEK                         lost SNI 32-43                        beat WEY 55-30


LAST GAME                                                                         PAN 64-51(2010 w10)


PASSING                               M.STAFFORD          127      M.MOORE    47


RUSHING                              R.RICE                       111      S.JACKSON   75


RECEIVING                          D.BALWIN                41        S.SMITH(CAR) 86


OFFENSE                              527 (9TH)                                 466 (14TH)


DEFENSE                              206 (7TH)                                 165 (14TH)




Another evenly matched game. The 8Balls look better on paper but have NEVER beaten the Panthers. With S-Jax and Jacobs both playing the Panthers may beat down a depleated 8Ball squad.

8BALLS by 2 (site by 5)



SERIES                                   HUNTERS                             DOOM


SERIES LEADER                  HUN 4-3


SERIES STREAK                  HUN W3


LAST WEEK                         lost SPU 46-47                       lost BEA 41-57


LAST GAME                         HUN 52-50 (2010 CCw15)


PASSING                               A.RODGERS             175      J.FREEMAN  99


RUSHING                              M.TURNER               95        A.PETERSON 121


RECEIVING                          S.JOHNSON              59        M.WALLACE 94


OFFENSE                              641 (2ND)                                 639 (3RD)


DEFENSE                              195 (8TH)                                 213 (5TH)




Defending CHAMP Hunters still have the fire power to win this game. Rodgers is amazing and Turner and Murray look great. LOD relys on AP to win as CJ200 took his money and won’t run. Freeman has taken a step back but the DOOM do have stellar wideouts. GREAT MATCHUP

LEGION of DOOM by 2 (site by 11)

SPUDS (9-0) at TOP GUNS (3-6)


SERIES                                   SPUDS                                    TOP GUNS


SERIES LEADER                  SPU 21-15


SERIES STREAK                  SPU W8


LAST WEEK                         beat HUN 47-46                    beat GAN 51-30


LAST GAME                         SPU 51-3 (2010 w4)


PASSING                               T.BRADY                   141      T.ROMO        109


RUSHING                              F.JACKSON              115      M.LYNCH     56


RECEIVING                          J.FNLEY                     55        W.WELKER  102


OFFENSE                              639 (4TH)                                 516 (10TH)


DEFENSE                              234 (2ND)                                 141 (15TH)




The Top Guns aren’t very good. Even the WEYRMEN beat them. The SPUDS are 9-0 with a dominate QB/ great RB / and top tier TE. The Guns are way outgunned in this game.

SPUDS by 15 (site by 20)

AXEMEN (3-5-1) at FC BEANTOWN (4-5)


SERIES                                   AXEMEN                              BEANTOWN


SERIES LEADER                                          TIED 9-9


SERIES STREAK                  AXE W2


LAST WEEK                         beat BRA 68-31                     beat LOD 57-41


LAST GAME                         AXE 59-22 (2010 w10)


PASSING                               M.RYAN                    107      E.MANNING 123


RUSHING                              W.MAGAHEE          71        D.SPROLES   89


RECEIVING                          E.DECKER                69        V.JACKSON  77


OFFENSE                              492 (13TH)                               569 (6TH)


DEFENSE                              221 (4TH)                                 182 (13TH)




BEANTOWN keeps making moves to get another WIN. The Axmen still need a RB but old man MaGahee is holding it together. Look for Beans to keep it rolling and put this one in the WIN column.

BEANTOWN by 4 (site by 2)



SERIES                                   GANGSTERS                        BRAWLERS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  BRA 3-2


SERIES STREAK                                                                  BRA W1


LAST WEEK                         lost GUN 30-51                     lost AXE 31-68


LAST GAME                                                                         GUN 44-42 (2010 w10)


PASSING                               B.ROETHLISBERGER 128  C.NEWTON  167


RUSHING                              C.WELLS                   78        R.MATTHEWS 75


RECEIVING                          M.COLSTON            49        R.GRONKOWSKI 75


OFFENSE                              535 (7TH)                                 533 (8TH)


DEFENSE                              195 (9TH)                                 138 (16TH)




It looks like almost every game this week is a good matchup, this game is no exception. Two evenly matched teams, with some game time decisions on the RBs. Can CAM beat out BIG BEN this week?

BRAWLERS by 1 (site by 6)