TIO PEPE (4-5) at LEGION of DOOM (8-1)


SERIES                                   TIO PEPE                              LOD


SERIES LEADER                  PEPE 10-7


SERIES STREAK                                                                  LOD W1


LAST WEEK                         beat TOR 105-137                 beat DEM 152-127


LAST GAME                                                                         LOD 173-155 (2011 w1)


OFFENSE                              1212 PF                                  1670 PF


DEFENSE                              1059 PA                                  1090 PA




LOD #1 for the HATFIELDS takes on last years Champion TIO PEPE.  LOD won in their earlier meeting this year and looks to keep on winning going into the playoffs. The HUGE night by Page has set the tone in this one.


LOD by 22





SERIES                                   DOOMSDAY                        TORNADOES


SERIES LEADER                  DD  4-1


SERIES STREAK                  DD W4


LAST WEEK                         beat JOE 140-136                 lost TIO 105-137


LAST GAME                         DD 178-148 (2008 w1)


OFFENSE                              1288 PF                                  1305 PF


DEFENSE                              1342 PA                                  1159 PA




DD could win the conference finish 2nd or out of the playoffs. If the season ended after week 9 they would have lost out to JOE PA for the 2nd spot as the two split and JOE PA has a better points for. The Tornadoes are in as the 2nd seed for the HATFIELDS and look to finish the regular season on a winning note. With their RBs dropping like flys the Tornadoes need a big win to give them any hope heading into the playoffs.





AZUCAR (4-5) at DEMENTORS (0-9)


SERIES                                   AZUCAR                               DEMENTORS


SERIES LEADER                  AZU 10-9


SERIES STREAK                  AZU W2


LAST WEEK                         lost WAS 141-204                lost LOD 127-152


LAST GAME                         AZU 155-105 (2011 w1)


OFFENSE                              1232 PF                                  952 PF


DEFENSE                              1243 PA                                  1327 PA




DEMENTORS still looking for that 1st victory, while AZUCAR is looking to finish at .500. No playoff implications here both have been eliminated and are playing for pride.


AZUCAR by 31



JOE PA (5-4) at BLUE HORSESHOE (4-5)


SERIES                                   JOE PA                                   HORSESHOE


SERIES LEADER                  JOE 10-6-1


SERIES STREAK                  JOE W3


LAST WEEK                         lost DD 136-140                   lost JOC 129-219


LAST GAME                         JOE 157-122 (2011 w6)


OFFENSE                              1354 PF                                  1390 PF


DEFENSE                              1339 PA                                  1394 PA




JOE PA is sitting as the 2nd seed for the MCCOYS right now but could be out with a loss and the Jockeys and Doomsday winning. HORSESHOE still has an outside shot if the teams in front of them lose and they score enough points.







SERIES                                   WASHBURN                        HEAD JOCKEY


SERIES LEADER                                                                  JOE 10-6


SERIES STREAK                  WAS W1


LAST WEEK                         beat AZU 204-141                beat HOR 129-219


LAST GAME                         WAS 144-131 (2011 w7)


OFFENSE                              1259 PF                                  1525 PF


DEFENSE                              1287 PA                                  1329 PA




HEAD JOCKEY is in with a win, and could still get in with a loss. WASHBURN needs to win and score a lot, and then get lots of help. Horseshoe joke that they’d like to play Washburn every week, but the whole conference still has a chance on the last week.