SERIES                                   HUNTERS                             JOCKEYS

SERIES LEADER                  HUN 1-0

SERIES STREAK                  HUN W1

LAST WEEK                         beat SNI 34-19                       lost SPU 4-46

LAST GAME                         HUN 65-34 (2010 w16 MNM FANTASY BOWL XXII)

PASSING                               A.RODGERS             152      M.VICK         95

RUSHING                              M.TURNER               84        M.JONES-DREW 62

RECEIVING                          S.JOHNSON              49        P.GARCON   57

OFFENSE                              531 (2ND)                                 337 (15TH)

DEFENSE                              159 (7TH)                                 153 (9TH)


Rematch of last season’s FANTASY BOWL. How will the Jokes fare this time? For the HUNTERS (#4PR) Rodgers is on bye but Fitz can still put up some numbers; Felix is hurt but DeMarco fills in just fine. As for the Jockeys (#15PR) MV is back this week and facing the CowPokes. Hunters love facing guys relying on the Cowboy’s opponents.

HUNTERS BY 22 (site by 17)

GANGSTERS (3-4) at PANTHERS (1-5-1)

SERIES                                   GANGSTERS                        PANTHERS

SERIES LEADER                                                                  PAN 1-0

SERIES STREAK                                                                  PAN W1

LAST WEEK                         beat MON 50-20                   tie AXE 26-26

LAST GAME                                                                         PAN 47-9 (2009 w8)

PASSING                               B.ROETHLISBERGER 97    R.GROSSMAN 46

RUSHING                              C.WELLS                   65        S.JACKSON   40

RECEIVING                          M.COLSTON            43        S.SMITH        73

OFFENSE                              438 (6TH)                                 318 (16TH)

DEFENSE                              154 (8TH)                                 128 (14TH)


GANGSTERS (#8PR) are coming together and looking good. Will Well’s play this week? We know Big Ben and Colston will put in solid games. Can the Panthers (#16PR) get anything out of a QB to go with S-JAX and Smith. Game will be closer than it should be.

GANGSTERS by 14 (site by 7)


SERIES                                   MONSTERS                          BEANTOWN

SERIES LEADER                  MON 6-5

SERIES STREAK                  MON W1

LAST WEEK                         lost GAN 20-50                     beat 8BA 38-9

LAST GAME                         MON 53-38 (2007 w8)

PASSING                               J.CUTLER                 79        E.MANNING 92

RUSHING                              B.GREEN-ELLIS       58        D.SPROLES   71

RECEIVING                          A.BOLDIN                38        J.MACLIN     50

OFFENSE                              346 (14TH)                               436 (7TH)

DEFENSE                              152 (10TH)                               147 (12TH)


MONSTERS (#9PR) head into Beantown still holding onto 1st in the division. Cutler is on bye but Hasslebeck and Green-Ellis are back. If Wayne and Boldin find a QB this week the monsters will put up some points. BEANTOWN (#7PR) get their QB back this week and Sporles has been better than expected. The site and I are at a BIG disagreement this week.

BEANTOWN by 8 (site MONSTERS by 7)

WEYRMEN (1-6) at TOP GUNS (2-5)

SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           TOP GUNS

SERIES LEADER                  WEYR 13-12

SERIES STREAK                                                                  GUN W1

LAST WEEK                         lost LOD 27-69                      lost JUG 33-66

LAST GAME                                                                         GUN 51-34 (2010 w5)

PASSING                               J.FLACCO                 73        T.ROMO        83

RUSHING                              K.MORENO             15        M.LYNCH     33

RECEIVING                          J.GRAHAM               75        W.WELKER  89

OFFENSE                              408 (10TH)                               412 (9TH)

DEFENSE                              151 (11TH)                               103 (16TH)


This is the BATTLE ROYALE, definitely the game of the week. I weak WEYRMEN (#14PR) squad heads to the AIR BASE to take on a bad GUNS (#13PR). This game is definitely a even match. Flacco vs Romo, Moreno vs Lynch, and Welker vs Graham. Look to the D to be the difference in this one.

TOP GUNS by 2 (site EVEN)

BRAWLERS (3-4) at 8-BALLS (2-5)

SERIES                                   BRAWLERS                          8-BALLS

SERIES LEADER                  1ST MEETING


LAST WEEK                         lost ASSA 22-50                    lost BEA 9-38


PASSING                               C.NEWTON              145      M.STAFFORD 107

RUSHING                              R.MATTHEWS         67        R.RICE           75

RECEIVING                          R.GRONKOWSKI    56        D.BALDWIN 34

OFFENSE                              419 (8TH)                                 400 (12TH)

DEFENSE                              116 (15TH)                               161 (5TH)


This is the 1st meeting between these two, the BRAWLERS (#10PR) vs the 8-BALLS (#11PR) feature great young QBs, great young RBs, and a lack of receivers. The PATS offense is dominate so the TE may be the difference in this one. If not the 8-Balls have a stout D.

BRAWLERS by 8 (site by 6)


SERIES                                   LOD                                       JUGGERANUTS

SERIES LEADER                                                                  JUG 14-10-1

SERIES STREAK                  LOD W1

LAST WEEK                         beat WEY 69-27                    beat GUN 66-33

LAST GAME                         LOD 62-37 (2010 w5)

PASSING                               J.FREEMAN              87        D.BRESS        132

RUSHING                              A.PETERSON           98        L.MCCOY     94

RECEIVING                          M.WALLACE           79        D.BOWE        58

OFFENSE                              528 (3RD)                                 608 (1ST)

DEFENSE                              160 (6TH)                                 141 (13TH)


The real Game of the Week. The DOOM (#3PR) take on the JUGGERNAUTS (#1PR) in a clash of TITANS.  JUGGERNAUTS feature the #1 scoring team in fantasy with McCoy, Brees, Bowe, Olsen, but losing Forte to bye means Gore will need to step it up. LOD has plenty of firepower; but with no QB and CJ2K running like Lex Hilliard (sorry Lex), the DOOM really need to find something for this week.

JUGGERNAUTS by 6 (site LOD by 9)

SNICKERS (3-3-1) at SPUDS (7-0)

SERIES                                   SNICKERS                             SPUDS

SERIES LEADER                                          TIED 11-11

SERIES STREAK                                                                  SPU W1

LAST WEEK                         lost HUN 34-19                     beat JOC 46-4

LAST GAME                                                                         SPU 35-1 (2009 w8)

PASSING                               M.SCHAUB               93        T.BRADY       113

RUSHING                              D.MCFADDEN         81        F.JACKSON  94

RECEIVING                          J.NELSON                 55        J.FINLEY       46

OFFENSE                              402 (11TH)                               504 (4TH)

DEFENSE                              216 (1ST)                                  184 (2ND)


The SNICKERS (#6PR) are reeling right now and it’s not a good time to take on an undefeated SPUDS (#2PR) team. Shaub will need to be HUGE this week. Mendenhal gets a tough matchup and Nelson is on bye. While on the other side Brady will get his and lil Freddie Jackson always comes to play.

SPUDS by 12 (site by 22)

ASSASSINS (4-2-1) at AXEMEN (2-4-1)

SERIES                                   ASSASSINS                            AXEMEN

SERIES LEADER                  ASSA 1-0

SERIES STREAK                  ASSA W1

LAST WEEK                         beat BRA 50-22                     tied PAN 26-26

LAST GAME                         ASSA 29-24 (2009 w8)

PASSING                               P.RIVERS                  77        M.RYAN        90

RUSHING                              A.BRADSHAW         75        W.MAGAHEE 48

RECEIVING                          C.JOHNSON             105      E.DECKER    49

OFFENSE                              489 (5TH)                                 365 (13TH)

DEFENSE                              167 (3RD)                                 167 (4TH)


The ASSASSINS (#5PR) have the W in the lone meeting of these two. Rivers looks to bounce back and Bradshaw and especially MEGA-TRON will put up points. For the AXEMEN (#12PR) Matty Ice is hobbled, MaGahee is out and Decker has a weak-armed, couldn’t play on your highschool team, winner throwing to him (good luck with that).

ASSASSINS by 14 (site 24)

and then there was TEBOWING