TORNADOES (6-1) at LEGION of DOOM (6-1)


SERIES                                   TORNADOES                       LOD


SERIES LEADER                                                                  LOD 12-6


SERIES STREAK                                                                  LOD W1


LAST WEEK                         beat DEM 156-127                beat AZU 186-99


LAST GAME                         LOD 171-119 (2011 w2)


OFFENSE                              1069 PF                                  1371 PF


DEFENSE                              875 PA                                    832 PA




Hard to believe the lowly TORNODOES head into the swamp to face the LEGION of DOOM tied for 1st place. With Lattimore hurt and more than a few key players (RG3 and Wright) on bye the LOD are going to be tough to beat. LOD has Richardson going against a good TEN D and Ball has to deal with MICH ST. This game could come down to the kickers. Doubt it though.


LOD by 17



TIO PEPE (3-4) at AZUCAR (3-4)


SERIES                                   TIO PEPE                              AZUCAR


SERIES LEADER                  PEPE  10-5


SERIES STREAK                                                                  AZU W1


LAST WEEK                         lost JOEPA 100-136             lost LOD 99-186


LAST GAME                                                                         AZU 125-112 (2011 w6)


OFFENSE                              951 PF                                                934 PF


DEFENSE                              797 PA                                    914 PA




With only 3 games left the loser here is eliminated. Can the CHAMPION find enough this week to hold on just one more day. Newly acquired Steelman goes up against in SEC opponent in VANDY, but Darkwa gets MEMPHIS. AZUCAR must go without Denard as MICH is on a bye this week. Sorry Sugar but TIO PEPE is stayin alive this week.


PEPE by 2





SERIES                                   HORSESHOE                       DEMENTORS


SERIES LEADER                                                                  DEM 5-3


SERIES STREAK                                                                  DEM W4


LAST WEEK                         beat DOOMSD 181-110       lost TOR 127-156


LAST GAME                                                                         DEM 139-103 (2010 w6)


OFFENSE                              1081 PF                                  698 PF


DEFENSE                              1046 PA                                  995 PA




HORSHOE’s are still right in the thick of the playoff hunt while the DEMENTORS were knocked out of contention back in week 1. Boise takes on AIR FORCE so Kellen Moore will show just how unpatriotic he and Doug Martin can be while Pierce faced an unimpressive Bowling Green squad. On the other side Alpin gets FIU on Tuesday night and Stepan Taylor gets Washington. Sorry Dementors this one’s not for you.








SERIES                                   DOOMSDAY                        JOCKEY


SERIES LEADER                                                                  JOCK 11-9-1


SERIES STREAK                  DOOMS W1


LAST WEEK                         lost HOR 110-181                lost WAS 131-144


LAST GAME                         DOOMS 163-157 (2011 w5)


OFFENSE                              973 PF                                                1159 PF


DEFENSE                              1060 PA                                  1085 PA




DOOMSDAY and HEAD JOCKEY fight for a playoff birth this week. As the weeks countdown wins are a must. This is a close series and earlier this season DD beat the Jockey’s in a close one. The Jockeys need N Illonois to come up big with Harnish and Sims, and TY get’s the national spotlight Tuesday. DD has Franklin taking on a tough Oklahoma State team and Ballard is on bye. DD needs someone to come up big; like Creer taking on Utah State.







SERIES                                   WASHBURN                        JOE PA


SERIES LEADER                  WAS 9-6


SERIES STREAK                  WAS W1


LAST WEEK                         beat JOCK 144-131              beat PEPE 136-100


LAST GAME                         WAS 146-119 (2011 w3)


OFFENSE                              916 PF                                                1032 PF


DEFENSE                              960 PA                                    1060 PA




Washburn coming off a huge win (I give the credit to Matt and his bulletin board comments) vs the HEAD JOCKEY gets to take on JOE PA. This division is too close to call. Look for JOE PA to get back on the sidelines and coach up Callaros who gets USF and Giovanni (another St Thomas grad) who gets Clemson. WASH on the other hand will rely on Luck getting Washington and Ellington against North Carolina while he enjoys the weekend with no Gator game to focus on.


JOEPA by 16