SERIES                                   PANTHERS                          JOCKEYS

SERIES LEADER                  PAN 13-11-1

SERIES STREAK                                                                  JOCK W1

LAST WEEK                         lost BRAW 12-43                  lost LOD 47-60

LAST GAME                                                                         JOCK 33-13 (2010 w4)

PASSING                               R.GROSSMAN         46        M.VICK         82

RUSHING                              B.JACOBS                  31        M.JONES-DREW 48

RECEIVING                          S.SMITH(CAR)         58        P.GARCON   52

OFFENSE                              234 (16TH)                               257 (14TH)

DEFENSE                              101 (12TH)                               115 (7TH)


Panthers (#16 PR) travel to the SAHARA SANDS to see who gets to their 2nd victory 1st. Panthers have a QB and S-Jax back this week and even if Jacobs can’t go they are in better shape than last week. The Jockeys (#15 PR) led by Vick can put up some big numbers and the CHICAGO D (of which they have numerous players) has been coming up big. Kind of reminds me how back in ’89 the CHI D was the 1st ever pick in MNM (we used Team D the 1st season)

PANTHERS by 2 (site JOCK by 7)

SNICKERS (3-1-1) at MONSTERS (3-2)

SERIES                                   SNICKERS                             MONSTERS

SERIES LEADER                                                                  MON 19-6

SERIES STREAK                                                                  MON W1

LAST WEEK                         beat GUNS 34-3                    lost AXE 20-26

LAST GAME                                                                         MON 35-19 (2010 w6)

PASSING                               J.CAMPBELL            65        M.HASSELBECK 70

RUSHING                              D.MCFADDEN         68        B.GREEN-ELLIS 54

RECEIVING                          J.NELSON                 38        R.WAYNE     28

OFFENSE                              322 (8TH)                                 251 (15TH)

DEFENSE                              149 (1ST)                                  115 (8TH)


SNICKERS (#4 PR) head into the MONSTER MANSION for a showdown with history. Well history says the Monsters (#10 PR) own the Snickers, but the Snicker D has pulled out a few surprises this season. The Raiders are not on bye so the Snicker offense is intact while the Monster offense is a patchwork group putting up just the right numbers to win. Snickers look a lot better on paper, so it’s out with the old and in with the new.

SNICKERS by 16 (site 13)

JUGGERNAUTS (5-0) at 8-BALLS (2-3)

SERIES                                   JUGGERNAUTS                   8-BALLS

SERIES LEADER                  JUG 4-1

SERIES STREAK                  JUG W1

LAST WEEK                         beat HUN 91-39                    lost GAN 32-41

LAST GAME                         JUG 27-6 (2010 w4)

PASSING                               D.BREES                    92        M.STAFFORD 82

RUSHING                              L.MCCOY                 79        R.RICE           60

RECEIVING                          D.BOWE                    52        D.BALDWIN 34

OFFENSE                              457 (1ST)                                  310 (10TH)

DEFENSE                              96 (14TH)                                 117 (6TH)


JUGGERNAUTS head into the TEA ROOM undefeated and featuring the high flying offense lead by Drew Brees and Matt Forte. Well Forte will be bagged this week and Bowe is on bye, so the 8-Balls (#11 PR) are in the game. Stafford and Best lead an injured and receiver-less crew up against the #1 MNM PR Juggs. The 8-Balls D is good but this is “the JUGGERNAUT BITCH”ES.

JUGGERNAUTS by 32 (site 15)

WEYRMEN (1-4) at ASSASSINS (2-2-1)

SERIES                                   WEYRMEN                           ASSASSINS

SERIES LEADER                  WEYR 4-1

SERIES STREAK                  WEYR W2

LAST WEEK                         lost SPUD 37-61                    beat BEAN 53-27

LAST GAME                         WEYR 39-31 (2010 w10)

PASSING                               J.FLACCO                 51        P.RIVERS      70

RUSHING                              D.WILLIAMS            26        A.BRADSHAW 48

RECEIVING                          J.GRAHAM               51        C.JOHNSON 84

OFFENSE                              301 (12TH)                               354 (5TH)

DEFENSE                              99 (13TH)                                 123 (3RD)


WEYRMEN (#13 PR) head into the GUILD without a few starters (not that that matters this year). The WEYR faithful are resting there hopes on DWill and Flacco to come up huge this week and for Jimmy to continue his TE domination. The ASSASSINS (#7 PR with a bullet) may be missing Philip Rivers this week but MEGA-TRON and Bradshaw are clicking. Calvin is on a MOSS-LIKE pace and may break Moss’s all time record. Heck he’s on a Rice like pace in that strike shortened season. The Weyr D will have to come up HUGE in this one.

EVEN (site Assassins by 26)

BRAWLERS (3-2) at LEGION of DOOM (4-1)

SERIES                                   BRAWLERS                          LOD

SERIES LEADER                                                                  LOD 23-5

SERIES STREAK                                                                  LOD W4

LAST WEEK                         beat PAN 43-12                     beat JOCK 60-47

LAST GAME                                                                         LOD 70-0 (2010 w6)

PASSING                               C.NEWTON              109      J.FREEMAN  60

RUSHING                              R.MATTHEWS         63        A.PETERSON 72

RECEIVING                          R.GRONKOWSKI    51        M.WALLACE 54

OFFENSE                              325 (7TH)                                 371 (4TH)

DEFENSE                              89 (15TH)                                 114 (9TH)


The BRAWLERS (#6 PR) head to the HALL of DOOM for a battle which will go along way towards seeing if these Brawlers can hang in there. Newton has been an absolute beast so far and Matthews is finally getting enough carries to matter. Ingram throws in a few touches and a score and the Brawlers are becoming relevant. Unfortunately they face the DOOM (#3 PR) a scoring machine with AP and CJ2K getting going and with Jennings and Wallace solid as any wr duo. This one is the game to watch.

LOD by 10 (site by 19)

TOP GUNS (2-3) at AXEMEN (1-4)

SERIES                                   TOP GUNS                            AXEMEN

SERIES LEADER                                                                  AXE 21-15

SERIES STREAK                  GUN W1

LAST WEEK                         lost SNI 3-34                          beat MON 26-20

LAST GAME                         GUN 48-28 (2010 w6)

PASSING                               T.ROMO                    58        M.RYAN        61

RUSHING                              M.LYNCH                 33        W.MAGAHEE 43

RECEIVING                          W.WELKER              80        E.DECKER    48

OFFENSE                              315 (9TH)                                 264 (13TH)

DEFENSE                              75 (16TH)                                 113 (10TH)


The TOP GUNS (#12 PR) head to the WOOD SHED where the AXEMEN (#14 PR) are missing the entire offense this week. Kenny (GUNS) loves his Dallas Cowboys and can’t field a team during the Cowpokes bye, but what’s the deal with the AXEMEN and the Broncos? No MaGahee, Decker or even Orton this week. LET’S MAKE A DEAL AXEMEN! Welker and Romo should score enough points in that game to win this one.

GUNS by 12 (site EVEN)


SERIES                                   GANGSTERS                        BOUNTY HUNTERS

SERIES LEADER                                                                  HUN 3-2

SERIES STREAK                                                                  HUN W3

LAST WEEK                         beat 8BA 41-32                      lost JUG 39-91

LAST GAME                                                                         HUN 58-55 (2010 w6)

PASSING                               B.ROETHLISBERGER 66    A.RODGERS 112

RUSHING                              C.WELLS                   62        M.TURNER   54

RECEIVING                          N.WASHINGTON   32        S.JOHNSON  40

OFFENSE                              310 (11TH)                               390 (2ND)

DEFENSE                              119 (4TH)                                 119 (5TH)


GANGSTERS (#9 PR) head to the BAIL ENFORCEMENT FIELD to try and avoid being run over by Dog and company. The Gangsters are the walking (and not walking) wounded and the BOUNTY HUNTERS (#2 PR) are a fantasy dream with Rodgers, Jackson, Stevie and even Michael ‘the once burner’ Turner. How have they lost 3 games? Well one was to the JUGGS so that’s understandable.

HUNTERS by 20 (site 9)

FC BEANTOWN (2-3) at SPUDS (5-0)

SERIES                                   BEANTOWN                        SPUDS

SERIES LEADER                                                                  SPUD 15-6

SERIES STREAK                  BEAN W1

LAST WEEK                         lost ASSA 27-53                    beat WEYR 61-37

LAST GAME                         BEAN 62-36 (2010 w6)

PASSING                               E.MANNING            82        T.BRADY       98

RUSHING                              D.SPROLES               48        F.JACKSON  77

RECEIVING                          V.JACKSON              45        J.FINLEY       38

OFFENSE                              335 (6TH)                                 372 (3RD)

DEFENSE                              101 (11TH)                               131 (2ND)


BEANTOWN (#8 PR) travels to the DIRT FIELD of DREAMS to take on the 5-0 SPUDS (#3 PR). Manning has put up solid fantasy numbers as usual (oh wait that’s Eli with those Fantasy numbers-WOW) and Vincent is healthy (sort of) and a beast as always. But Vincent is off this week so Sporles wil need to pick up the slack. The SPUDS on the other hand have Brady (Fantasy King) and no wideouts (just like in real football). Still Freddy Jackson and the TE tandum took my WEYRMEN down and I would expect no less this week.

SPUDS by 14 (site 22)