HEAD JOCKEY (2-2-1) @ LEGION of DOOM (5-0)
Jockey team in a constant state a flux head to the DOME of DOOM needing Martinez to run wild on Ohio State, but that seems unlikely. Line the TD machine is on BYE this week, so the Jockeys need Joseph Randle to come up BIG vs Kansas. LOD on the other hand have Boyd going against BC this week and Trent Richardson going up against an improved but still a Vanderbuilt team. Jockeys will score a lot but LOD will score more this week.
LOD by 6

AZUCAR(2-3) @ TIO PEPE (3-2)
AZUCAR heads south of the border this week to face TIO PEPE and his Alex Carder led team. Carder faces a Bowling Green team that has been somewhat stingy on D so far. Darkwa does face Syracuse with Lemon so TIO is hoping for a shootout in that one. AZUCAR will rely on anything other than his G8Rs who face a STIFF LSU D this week. Denard will need to tear up Northwestern, for AZUCAR to have a chance.
PEPE by 12

Dementors take Darron Thomas and crew into the Brevard Wind Tunnel. With DJ Woods on bye the rest of the Dementors will need to step it up or face the dreaded corporeal patronouses. The tornadoes will rely on Lamar Miller and Lattimore to avoid the dementors kiss.
Tornadoes by 6

HORSESHOE will be blue after their trip to Happy Valley. Davis against Houston and David Wilson going against a poor run D from Miami will put up some big numbers for JOE PA. While Pierce against Ball State and Kellen Moore against Fresno will help it won’t be enough. This JOE PA team is no WASHBURN.

Joe Pa by 4

DOOMSDAY (2-2-1) @ WASHBURN (2-3)
Doomsday travels to the WASH BIN for a showdown. Geno Smith faces Connecticutt and Ballard facing UAB will put up some big numbers vs WASH while WASH’S gators face another tough D in LSU this week. Luck won’t be enough.
Doomsday by 10