Snickers (1-1-1)@Weyrmen (1-2)

Snickers #8 in the MNM Power Rankings take on a struggling Weyrmen team #11 and falling in the Power Rankings. QB is a slight advantage for the home team but RB gives the Snickers a lopsided W.

Snickers by 21 (26.9 site)

Assassins (0-2-1) @ 8Balls (2-1)

Assassins #15 in the MNM PR travel to Magic 8-Ball Field where the Ray Rice led 8Balls (#6PR) look to have a fast start and finally make the playoffs. In this one the 8Balls falter as Philip Rivers tears up the Phin’s secondary and leads the Assassins to VICTORY!

Assassins by 2 (7 site)

Camel Jockeys (1-2) @ JUGGERNAUTS (3-0)

Jockeys #13PR head to Magneto Island Field to take on the UNSTOPPABLE. Marshall has yet to get his groove on but the JUGGS keep piling on the points. MV now has a broken hand and paranoia has set in (due to the concussion I’m sure). Look for the Jockeys to rely on Kuhn but they will fall miserably short in this laugher.

JUGGERNAUTS by 23 (27 site)

Monsters (2-1) @ Panthers (1-2)

The once MIGHTY MICANOPY is no longer. Now those cans of peas just hope to tread water. The Monsters #9PR will rely on Cutler/Hasslebeck and the upstart Panthers #14PR just acquired a 2nd RB to get double the production out of that spot this week. Look for Henne to match Cutler and this one is to close to call.

EVEN (site -2.5 Panthers)

LOD (2-1) @ Top Guns (2-1)

DOOM looking for their 100million dollar backfield to start playing, head down to the KS Air Force base to face the miraclulus healing Romo. Guns #5PR do have Reggie Bush, but no one has seen him. Doom #3PR have AP and CJ2K and we think will start seeing them. I’ll take the DOOM.

DOOM by 1 (site 12.3)

Beantown (1-2) @ Gangsters (1-2)

Beantown #10PR heads into the Southside without Kenny Britt and will get no sympathy from the Gangsters #12PR who lose their top draft pick every year. Look for Wells and Tate to play but still come up a little short as Eli and Shonne lean the Beantowners to victory.

Beantown by 9 (site Gangsters -5.9)

Axemen (0-3) @ Hunters (1-2)

Axemen #16PR looking for that elusive first W travel out west to visit the Champion Hunters. The Hunters are still trying to find their way but just have too much firepower to bet against.

Hunters by 33 (site 9)


Spuds (3-0) @ Brawlers (2-1)

Brawlers #4PR working off a strong draft look to keep Cam from returning to the planet this week. The Spuds #2PR just keep riding Brady for as far as he’ll take them. Look for Brady to take them to a win again this week.

Spuds by 6 (site 20.9)

And there you have it another week on MNM Fantasy Football underway. Hopefully Kenny will finish the lawn in time to enjoy it.