8Balls(1-1) @ Camel Jockeys (1-1)
Well the Camel Jockeys have taken offense to my treatment of their pathetic team, so I will try tone it down a bit. MV is a beast, but a beast with a concussion, will he play? Jockeys will tell you they’re more than Vick; we may find out this week. 8Balls have lost Cle players on consecutive weeks, is there another to go down? Ben Watson this is your life. Anyway with Stafford and Rice doing the bull work and the Jockeys waiting on Spiller to help out Vick. I still have to pick against the Jockeys. I tried Matt, I really did but until your D plays every week like they did against me there is not much there to hang your hat on.
8Balls 34 Jockeys 31

Monsters(2-0) @ Weyrmen(0-2)
Monsters are off to another 2-0 start with Jay Cutler? Really? Well Wayne, Boldin, Starks, and that law firm guy seem to score enough every week. My Weyrmen have made a deal to pick up Chad Johnson and Brandon Jacobs for this showdown. Will it be enough? Doubtful. As much as I’d like to pick my team. But HOOTERS MONDAY NIGHT to watch the end would be great. What do ya say?
Monsters 42 Weyrmen 30

Assassins (0-2) @ Snickers (1-1)
Assassins are reeling and Gates will miss this one. The Snickers are coming off an historic performance. Assassins made a trade to add Stewart and Gonzo with Bradshaw and Rivers. Will this get them past the RB powerhouse that is the snickers? Campbell is the only thing holding this team back. Assassins get a huge game from Stewart freed from the WEYR shackles.
Assassins 55 Snickers 52

Juggernauts(2-0) @ Panthers(1-1)
Juggernauts look to be unstoppable right now. While Marshall still trying to fit into the mix. Panthers need a big game from Henne and 2 RBs to play. Forte will be the difference this week.
Juggernauts 65 Panthers 32

Axemen(0-2) @ Spuds(1-1)
Axemen can’t buy a win right now. They do have 2 RBs who should get carries and Matty Ice is solid. With the pickup of Decker this week will they score enough? Spuds have lord Brady and jermichael Finley. Brady puts up enough points for a qb and rb which will be too much. The AXE falls on the Axemen again this week.

Axemen 39 Spuds 42

LOD(1-1) @ Gangsters(1-1)
Doom have the greatest player in the league in AP, CJ2K will show up some week, Jennings and company keep scoring enough to win even with Freeman at qb. The Gangsters with Roethlisberger, Wells and Tate will make this a good game.
DOOM 51 Gangsters 52

Beantown(1-1) @ Top Guns(1-1)
Romo with a punctured lung may be a blessing and he’ll be better. Well he’s still better than Eli. The Dolphins say they’ll get Bush more involved, but since we know they’re liars that’s not good for the Gunners. Shonn Greene, Kenny Britt, V Jackson vs Lynch, AJ, and Welker.

Beantown 37 Top Guns 41

Hunters(1-1) @ Brawlers (1-1)
CHAMPION HUNTERS with Rodgers lighting it up, and Turner the wish he was a burner playing well, paired with Thomas Jones this week and DeSean Jackson. That sounds like a lot of points. The Brawlers have Cam playing lights out, but the rest of the youngsters aren’t putting up enough points yet. This could be ugly.
Hunters 65 Brawlers 32