Today is the big day! Before we get the season going, I thought I would review the state of each franchise and share with everyone my predictions for the season. The playoff records could be a game or 2 off. I had to use the history file and a couple of games from the early years were lost.




Overall regular season record   13-50-2
Playoff record   0-0
Championships   0
Franchise player: Ray Rice
Defensive Captain:  Eric Berry
Player to watch:  Greg Little
Player most key to success in 2011:  Mike Williams
2011 outlook:  Looking over the roster, it is hard to believe this team was so bad last year. I think this could finally be the year all those first round picks pay off and lead this team to the playoffs. 7-5-1 and the first winning season in Balls history.


Overall regular season record   179-104-3
Playoff record   16-9
Championships   5 (1991-1993,1995, 1999)
Franchise player: Jay Cutler
Defensive Captain:  Ed Reed
Player to watch:  Randall Cobb
Player most key to success in 2011: Anquan Boldin
2011 outlook:  The Monsters have an improved running game with Starks and Blount. However, Reggie Wayne’s numbers will be way down this year with no Peyton. They will need a few players to step up to make the playoffs. 7-6

Overall regular season record   153-130-3
Playoff record   6-9
Championships   1 (1994)
Franchise player: Larry Fitzgerald
Defensive Captain:  Troy Polamalu
Player to watch:  Jimmy Graham
Player most key to success in 2011:  Joe Flacco
2011 outlook:  Rich and the rest of the Weyr people are still in tears over Moss’ retirement. His presence will definitely be missed, especially with Rice in fantasy purgatory with Tarvaris. Fitz, DeAngelo, Graham, and Knowshon will keep them competitive, but I see them going 6-7 this year.

Overall regular season record   160-123-4
Playoff record   10-9
Championships   2 (1996,2002)
Franchise player: Mike Vick
Defensive Captain:  Brian Urlacher
Player to watch:  Aaron Hernandez
Player most key to success in 2011:  CJ Spiller
2011 outlook: Do they have more than just Vick? Yes, but not much. Hernandez and Hunter will be good players, but MJDs knee and Vick not producing like last year have the Jockeys taking a step back this year. 5-8


Overall regular season record   176-103-4
Playoff record   15-16
Championships   3 (1997,2003,2006)
Franchise player: Drew Brees
Defensive Captain:  Lawrence Timmons
Player to watch:  James Jones
Player most key to success in 2011:  Brandon Marshall
2011 outlook:  Brees is my pick for fantasy MVP this year and Hightower and McCoy look poised for breakout seasons, and the defense is solid. Is the addition of Marshall enough for the Juggs to barrel their way to another championship? Juggs finish regular season 9-4

Overall regular season record   28-36-1
Playoff record   3-0
Championships   1 (2008)
Franchise player: Calvin Johnson
Defensive Captain:  Justin Tuck
Player to watch:  Delone Carter
Player most key to success in 2011:  Brandon Jacobs
2011 outlook:  With a core of Rivers, Megatron, Nicks, and Gates the playoffs seem well within reach. In order to make a championship run though, someone at RB must step up and produce like a RB1. 8-5 for the Assassins.

Overall regular season record   109-174-3
Playoff record   0-4
Championships   0
Franchise player: Darren McFadden
Defensive Captain:  Pat Willis
Player to watch:  Mike Sims-Walker
Player most key to success in 2011:  Jason Campbell
2011 outlook:  Lots of talent, but lots of questions too. Is McFadden ready to become elite? Is Peyton Hillis more than a flash in the pan? How long is Benson’s suspension going to be? Even still, this team is a QB away from a serious run. Unfortunately for them, they have Jason Campbell. 7-6

Overall regular season record   141-135-4
Playoff record   6-9
Championships   1 (2005)
Franchise player: Steven Jackson
Defensive Captain:  Jon Abraham
Player to watch:  Alex Green
Player most key to success in 2011:  Chad Henne
2011 outlook:  While the Panthers are improved after a nice draft class and will win more games than 2010, they are probably another year from playoff contention. A 5-8 season seems realistic.



Overall regular season record   163-120-5
Playoff record   11-12
Championships   2 (2001,2007)
Franchise player: Adrian Peterson
Defensive Captain:  James Harrison
Player to watch:  Percy Harvin
Player most key to success in 2011:  Josh Freeman
2011 outlook:  There is talent everywhere on this roster, but with Manning probably out for the year, can Josh Freeman lead the Doom to the playoffs and overtake the Hunters as best in the conference? Doomed to a 10-3 finish.

Overall regular season record   139-142-6
Playoff record   12-8
Championships   3 (1989, 1998, 2004)
Franchise player: Tom Brady
Defensive Captain:  Jared Allen
Player to watch:  Emmanuelle Sanders
Player most key to success in 2011:  Arian Foster
2011 outlook:   Brady, Fred Jackson, and the 2 TE set should keep them in most games, but their WRs need to step up and Foster needs to prove he is healthy and not a one year wonder to get the Spuds where they want to be. 7-6


Overall regular season record   17-46-2
Playoff record   0-0
Championships   0
Franchise player: Ben Roethlisberger
Defensive Captain:  James Lauranitis
Player to watch:  Ben Tate
Player most key to success in 2011:  Chris Wells
2011 outlook:  Losing Williams for the year obviously hurts, and now the Colston injury as well. However, Ben, Beanie, and one of the best defenses in the league makes for some improvement this year. I see 5-8 for the Gangsters.


Overall regular season record   127-135-4
Playoff record   5-7
Championships   1 (2000)
Franchise player: Matt Ryan
Defensive Captain:  Darnell Dockett
Player to watch:  Lance Kendricks
Player most key to success in 2011:  Willis McGahee
2011 outlook:   Good news: This should be the year that Matt Ryan steps up and becomes elite and Lance Kendricks could win Rookie of the Year. Bad news: The Axemen really need a couple RBs to step up and a WR to help make up for the numbers White loses thanks to Julio Jones arrival in ATL. Axemen go 4-9.



Overall regular season record   42-31-0
Playoff record   5-1
Championships   2 (2009,2010)
Franchise player: Aaron Rodgers
Defensive Captain:  Charles Woodson
Player to watch:  Jacoby Jones
Player most key to success in 2011:  Felix Jones
2011 outlook:  They are back-to-back champs and still have Rodgers, Austin, DeSean, and Turner, so the Hunters have no reason to expect a drop off. Another division championship seems like a given, but can they be only the 2nd team in MNM history to win 3 straight MNM championships? 10-3 for the 2x, 2x champions.


Overall regular season record   101-160-5
Playoff record   1-3
Championships   0
Franchise player: Vincent Jackson
Defensive Captain:  DJ Williams
Player to watch:  Jared Cook
Player most key to success in 2011:  Shonn Greene
2011 outlook: Maclin, V-Jax, Britt, and Marcedes gives the Beantown lots of receiving weapons, but will Eli stop throwing INTs? I see Shonn Greene having a breakout year and the addition of Sproles helps the running game as well. Eli throws another 20 picks but Beantown goes 7-5-1 anyway.


Overall regular season record   131-151-3
Playoff record   3-6
Championships   0
Franchise player: Andre Johnson
Defensive Captain:  DeMarcus Ware
Player to watch:  Quizz Rodgers
Player most key to success in 2011:  Reggie Bush
2011 outlook:  The Guns are so deep at RB, they are carrying 3 that arent even in the league anymore! Seriously, Romo and Andre Johnson will have good years. However, I see this team struggling this year, unless Reggie somehow transforms into a good RB and Marshawn pretends every game is a playoff game against the Saints. Guns go 4-9


Overall regular season record   121-162-2
Playoff record   9-7
Championships   1 (1990)
Franchise player: Mark Ingram
Defensive Captain:  Clay Matthews
Player to watch:  Mario Manningham
Player most key to success in 2011:  Cam Newton
2011 outlook:  While the Brawlers are greatly improved talent-wise this year, I still think that talent needs time to develop before any great improvement will be shown record-wise. Garrard getting canned hurts this team a lot, for this year. 3-10 finish in 2011.


Division winners: Legion of Doom, Bounty Hunters, 8 Balls, Juggernauts
Wild cards: FC Beantown, Assassins

Round 1: 
Hunters defeat FC Beantown
Assassins defeat 8 Balls
Conference Championships: 
Legion of Doom defeat Bounty Hunters
Juggernauts defeat Assassins

Legion of Doom defeat Juggernauts
Good luck to everyone this year!!