Interesting how the national media has come out blasting the Heat over the Wade-James chest bump. It was what has become the norm in sports for awhile now. Make a big play and celebrate. Have a wide open dunk because you didn’t play D and you pound your chest and act like it’s the 1st dunk in the history of basketball. Why single out the Heat? I who hate all these crazy celebrations at inappropriate times saw nothing wrong with the chest bump. You hit a big 3 and took a 15 point lead.

Terry and Stevenson do the whole bulls’eye’ thing every time they hit a 3, even after missing all night and losing a game. Baseball players football players celebrate everything they do winning, losing it doesn’t seem to matter. All that matters is the ESPN highlights and Madden moves.

As fans we celebrate; but I do believe players should be more focused on the game, the score does matter. Merriman’s ‘LIGHTS OUT’ celebration became a problem when SD lost in the playoffs, Vikings fans will never forget Brooking and his ‘Dirty Bird’ running from section to section after the ’98 Championship game.

Players are now more showman then sportsmen. We have created a monster and it’s not going to be easy to kick it back under the bed